Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch

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Characters and Cast

Stitch was voiced by Chris Sanders,
Lilo was voiced by Dakota Fanning,
Nani was voiced by Tia Carrer,
Pleakley was voiced by Kevin McDonald,
Jumba was voiced by David Ogden Stiers,
and David was voiced by Jason Scott Lee


This movie is a very spacial one to me. I've been watchgin Lilo and Stitch since I was 4 years old and barley anyone knows about this movie. Basically after the first movie everyone's life is good but stitch begins to turn bad, and is getting out of control. But no matter what Stitch is doing or how bad, Lilo stays with him trying to help him. But sadly Stitch has a glitch in his code and he is dying, and the parts needed to save him are unavailable. They finally they make one, but it was too late and Stitch dies, but lilo stays with him and holds him. With all the love and frendship that Lilo and Stitch have, it brought him back and her is fine. This movie really shows how important love and friendship is, and it gives a really good message. 12/10 :D

Other Information

Initial release: August 30, 2005
Directors: Tony Leondis, Michael LaBash
Featured song: A Little Less Conversation
Languages: English, Spanish, French
Production companies: Walt Disney Pictures, DisneyToon Studios, More